About ARA

At ARA we do personal financial planning. Face to face.

We are owned entirely by staff and a number of public accountants. We have no affiliation with any other financial institution, bank, life office or fund manager.

ARA holds Australian Financial Services and Australian Credit Licence number 224150, under which the company is authorised to:

  • provide financial planning advice;

  • provide financial product advice and deal in financial products including deposits, bonds, listed shares, managed investment schemes, superannuation and life insurance;

  • operate a managed investment scheme, The ARA Investment Fund (“ARAIF”).

ARA is also the promoter of a public offer superannuation fund, The ARA Retirement Fund (“ARARF”), which is available to personal and employer-sponsored members saving for their retirement, and can also pay pensions to retirees.

We have developed our own products and services rather than sell for other people. We neither receive, nor pay, commissions connected to those products.  They are for our clients only, not sold to the great wide world by sales reps.

We use the same products ourselves, and pay the same price. If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for us.

So you deal with proprietors, not the marketing department or call centre. People who share your interests and are with you on the journey.

Take some time to look around. If you like what you see, phone us, talk to us, come and see us  – it’s the best way to discover if we’re right for you. If not, we’ll help you to find someone who is. Either way it will cost you nothing to find out – the first appointment is free.